The domain name monopoly is over. You now have choice.

We provide our Members with the tools to efficiently manage their own domain names or their clients' domain names. The services we provide include domain name registration, transfers, renewal and DNS management services.

Our Members are pre-dominantly New Zealand business customers including: internet hosting service providers, web design firms, corporate and large businesses, web hosting companies, and domain name investors.

We just do domain names, we don't do hosting, and we don't try to sell anything to your customers. Your customers are yours. We have no contact with your clients. The only contact we have is with our members.

WebAddress is a wholesale service and there are restrictions on Membership. If you do not currently have at least 50 domain names under your control, or plan on registering or renewing at least five to ten domains per month, then WebAddress is not likely to be an effective solution for you.

If you are looking for a retail service to register a single domain name please check out NetValue Ltd.

  • Purchase inexpensive wholesale .nz, .com, .CO and other domain names for resale.
  • Manage all of your clients domain names through your personalised Members Domain Management Console.
  • Provide each of your clients with access to their own Client Domain Management Console.
  • Utilise the WebAddress template system to conveniently register and transfer domain names. Use the WebAddress Client Kit to streamline your whole domain name operation.