Testimonials / Member Comment

WebAddress now has many Members, with the smaller Members working towards 50 domain names, to the largest Member with over 1400 domain names.

Many of our Members are former Domainz .nz Providers who have decided not to become Registrars themselves.

WebAddress wrote to five Members asking for their comment on our services. We received replies from four Members. See what these Members had to say when they were invited to comment on WebAddress.

"Thanks for the opportunity to comment. I have been more than happy with the service from WebAddress both in the website and its functionality but also in the customer service I have received - you guys are doing a great job - keep it up."

Scott Wilson
Managing Director
Netbyte Internet


"Finding WebAddress was like a breath of fresh air in a normally stale and restrictive environment of the domain business. It is a genuine pleasure to work with a team of focused and professional people who not only appreciate and understand "the customer" but have a detailed knowledge of the domain industry and all of its quirks. I would recommend them as a registrar to anyone serious about the domain business."

Dan Slattery
Domain World Limited

"What do I think? WebAddress is excellent. The system is so easy to use. The costs are also very competitive. There are all sorts of tools that I can use to make managing my clients domain names a breeze, and I can have my .com's and .nz's all in one place. I also really like it that they don't contact my clients. My clients have never heard of them. As well as that, if I need to talk to them, the phone rings once, and they are on the line. I couldn't ask for anything else"

Paul Barr

"No problem as I have found the service to be extremely good and if this is the basic level then it can only improve.

Some feedback
a) Simple to use
b) Cost effective
c) Templates provide a means for our clients to manage and begin the process to register domains directly which will save us time in setting up new domains
d) The transfer process follows good security process and at the same time is simple to use."

Kind Regards
Mark Proffit
NZ Now Net Ltd